Cibinqo Enrollment Form: A quick and effective treatment for Atopic Dermatitis

Cibinqo Enrollment Form

Cibinqo is a drug to cure eczema in a few days. It has various benefits and side effects also. It is suggested to take after the doctor’s prescription only, it has some serious side effects also, and It is important to fill out and download the Cibinqo enrollment form pdf. To learn more about Cibinqo enrollment form, read this blog. It might be useful for you. 

What is Cibinqo?

Cibinqo or abrocitinib is a drug medicine to cure atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis is a disease of the skin, that involves itchy inflammation. It is also known as a JAK inhibitor, it obstructs JAK1 activity because it is disturbing the process that results in inflammation.   Cibinqo is one of the best medicines to treat eczema or atopic dermatitis.  It is prescribed to adults and children 12 years of age. It is steroid steroid-free medicine and effective also, and It will provide clear skin in a few months, and It has various benefits and side effects also. Side effects such as fever, seating, and more. It provides a quick and excellent treatment of eczema. In only 2 weeks it 

Benefits of Cibinqo

Cibinqo works well at curing eczema, it is prescribed for adults and children aged 12 years or older. It is very useful in eczema treatment, in only a few months results will be shown up, and It reduces skin redness, dryness, and itching also. It is a very effective medicine for eczema, and It is important to enroll yourself on the Cibinqo enrollment form, it aims to collect your all medical data and history and helps the doctor to understand your case properly. 

What are the Side Effects of the Cibinqo Enrollment Form?

Everything has 2 faces, similarly, Cibinqo has some benefits and side effects also. While using Cibinqo common side effects such as nausea, cold, headache and acne will be shown. There are some other side effects that also come out, such as infection, dizziness, high BP, skin rash, tiredness, and more. 

It has some serious side effects listed below-

  • Eye problem 
  • Rare infection 
  • Heart attack symptoms 
  • Blood clotting 
  • Symptoms of stroke
  • Low blood cell 

In case of these side effects, immediately contact the doctor. 

Warnings! Take Care While Eating Cibinqo 

Cibinqo includes risks such as lymphoma, lung cancer, and skin cancer. If any symptoms of any are seen, immediately go to the doctor. Avoid cibinqo while taking combinations with other JAK inhibitors. Cibinqo also causes risks such as blood clotting in which weakness is shown in one side of the body, heart attack in which chest and body pain is shown , signs of stroke in which headache and problem with vision are shown and also signs of infection in which fever and sweating is shown. 

Important Information to Understand Before Taking it

While taking this medicine make sure you are not taking cibinqo with other medicines that cause blood clot in starting. Before taking cibinqo talk to your doctor if you have any infection, smoker or a past smoker, have heart attack or stroke, any kind of kidney or liver problem, have any eye disease, have low cells and any other past medical history.  Avoid cibinqo while pregnant, breast feeding. This medicine should be taken only after doctor’s permission. 

Direction for Usage

This medicine should be eaten after a doctor’s prescription. It is important to follow the doctor’s guidance, the doctor will guide you on how to take this medicine. Take this medicine only once in a day, and use it at the same time every day. It can be eaten with or without a meal. Eat the tablet with one glass of water, do not chew it, just swallow it. It has various side effects so take it only after a doctor’s prescription. Take only 100 mg orally in a day. The Maximum dose for cibinqo is 200 mg per day. After 12 weeks if no results are shown then move from 100 mg to 200 mg after doctor’s consultancy. 

How to Fill and Download Cibinqo Enrollment PDF

It is important to register yourself on Cibinqo, to sign up in you Cibinqo acc first step is to add your personal information and tell about your medical history. In the second step add your presentation details and what you are doing to cure eczema. In the last and third step describe the patient and his information. By following these steps your sign up will be complete. After enrolling yourself on Cibinqo download your PDF. By following these easy steps you can download the Cibinqo enrollment pdf. 


Cibinqo is a medicine used to treat atopic dermatitis, it has abrocitinib in it. Store it at a temperature of 20 degree celsius to 25 degree celsius. Keep it inside its real package. Keep it away from childrens and pets. It has various benefits and side effects also. There are many warnings to pay attention to before using this medicine. It gives positive results in a short time. It is for adults and children also. Fill and download cibinqo enrollment form pdf. 


Q1. What are the ingredients of Cibinqo?

Active ingredient of Cibinqo is abrocitinb and other ingredients are dibasic calcium phosphate anhydrous, hypromellose, iron oxide red, lactose monohydrate, Macrogol, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glycolate, titanium dioxide, and triacetin.

Q2. What are the pros and cons of Cibinqo?

Pros and cons play a major role in choosing anything. 


  • Works effectively in treating eczema for both adults and children of 12 years or more.
  • Can be eaten before and after meals.
  • Only one can be eat in a day.


  • Increase risk for various dangerous side effects. 
  • Can only be swallowed. Nor drink neither crushed.
  • Not safe for people with kidney or liver disease. 

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