Lisa Emery: Explore The Lifestyle And Career From Stage To Screen

Lisa Emery

Lisa Emery was raised in Pittsburgh, attended Hollins College, and later trained in acting at the Circle in the Square Theatre School. She has made stars in numerous TV series such as Doubletake, Law & Order, Jessica Jones, and Blindspot. Some of the movies she is well-known for are Dreamaniac, Roger Dodger, Unfaithful, and Admission. Lisa has received a nomination for an award.

Who is Lisa Emery?

Lisa Emery is a US actress whose skill boasted of stage and screen performance, he has established herself in the entertainment industry. Lisa has a variety of experiences spanning three decades: she is recognized by theatergoers moviegoers and television viewers.

 From Broadway musicals like “Burn This” and “Marvin’s Room” to films such as “A Map of the World” and “Unfaithful” and featuring in the supporting casts of TV series such as “Ed” and “Ozark”, Lisa Emery’s craft continues to make a strong impact into the hearts of millions.

Lisa Emery Early Life and Career

Lisa grew up in Pittsburgh with only her mom and dad. Her dad worked in advertising and her mom was an actress. Lisa started to like acting because she watched her mom perform when she was young.

She went to a nearby high school and discovered her love for painting. After graduating in 1970, she decided to attend Hollins College to study painting but eventually became more interested in acting. She started acting in plays at her college and a nearby theatre.

After she finished her studies in 1974, she joined a specialized acting school for one year to improve her theatre abilities. After that, she started her career as an actress.

Husband of Lisa Emery

She was already married to a man named Josh Pais for the period from 1990 to 2003. Josh is a performing artist who has been seen on screen in TV shows and movies like Young Mutant Ninja Turtles, Joker, and Ray Donovan.

Does Lisa Emery have any kids?

Zane Pais, born to Lisa Emery, was into the world on September 22, 1993, in New York, USA. Zane, a popular performing artist and producer, is recognized for his acting in shows like Room 104, movies like Margot at the Wedding, and projects like Modern Love.

Lisa Emery Net Worth

Lisa Emery, who stars in the Netflix show Ozark, has made around $3 million in earnings. The larger part of her wage was earned through her career as a performing artist.

Lisa Emery Movies and TV Shows

We will talk about some of Lisa’s standout roles in different Lisa Emery movies and TV shows she has appeared in. She started her professional journey in the stage of performances and didn’t appear on television until 1985. She played Brenda in a detective show called “Doubletake” where they had to solve a case where bodies had their heads switched.

In 2002, she starred as Rita in the well-known program “Ed”. She showed up in five episodes of “Law & Order” and portrayed Karleen in “Louie”. In 2015, she portrayed Louise in “Jessica Jones” and four years later, in 2019, she took on the role of Linda in “Blindspot.” These programs were praised and enjoyed by viewers.

Lisa Emery Movies

In 1986, Lisa began her film acting career by portraying Rosie in the horror film “Dreamaniac”. She appeared in a comedy film in 1990 titled “How to Be Louise”, her horror romance in 1994 named “Wolf”, and a romcom in 1997 titled “In & Out”. She experienced significant achievements in 1999 with the play “A Map of the World”.

In 2002, she worked with famous actor Richard Gere in the film ‘Unfaithful’. Lisa has worked in many films like “Roger Dodger” in 2002 and “Cold Souls” in 2009. The latest film she showed up in is a 2013 romantic comedy “Confirmation”. Lisa is set to play the lead role in an upcoming thriller movie called “Catch the Fair One”.


Lisa Emery is an American actress known for her roles in TV series like “Ozark.” She was born in Pittsburgh in 1952, Raised by her parents, she attended Hollins College before training at the Circle in the Square Theatre School. Emery has featured in many movies and received award nominations for her work. She was previously married to actor Josh Pais.

Lisa Emery has one child Zane Pais, who was born in 1993. Lisa has appeared in various TV shows such as Ozark, Law & Order, and Jessica Jones, as well as movies like Demoniac and Unfaithful. She is set to star in an upcoming thriller called “Catch the Fair One”.

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