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Prince Philip

Prince Philip life married to Queen Elizabeth II lasted more than seventy years. Therefore, he was the partner of a queen, and hence, was the husband of the queen. He has been a partner to a queen for over sixty years, which is the longest ever. Prince Phillip was famous for always being with the Queen, and for being playful and a bit sarcastic at the same time. He was a horse lover and invented the sport called carriage driving He had a great life, served in the armed forces, traveled with the Queen on official visits, helped many charities, and was tough but still kind. He died at the age of 99 years.

Who is Prince Philip?

Prince Phillip was born on 10 June 1921 in the princely families of Greece and Denmark. His family stopped having their titles and he went to school in Scotland. At the age of 18, he met Princess Elizabeth, who was also the link between him and her through their royal lineages. The couple started a romantic relationship and got married in 1947. Prior to their marriage, he relinquished his royal title and changed his name. He was made a Duke before the wedding and in 1957, became a Prince.

Prince Philip Family

Nearly a year after the wedding, they had their firstborn, a boy named Charles. In 1950, they already had a girl named Anne, and then they gave birth to the boys Andrew and Edward. After his father-in-law, the King passed away in 1952, his wife became Queen Elizabeth II and he had to quit the Navy to be her husband and supporter. He is a presenter in many public events and activities to help his wife.

In the late 1970s, he became a grandfather to his daughter Anne’s two children that is Peter and Zara. His son Charles had two sons, William and Henry. His son Andrew had two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, who were his pride and joy, and his son Edward and his wife Sophie have a total of two children, Lady Louise and James.

Prince Philip Early Life

King Constantine I of Greece, Philip’s uncle, was obliged to give up his position as the king of Greece in 1922. The military government took away Prince Andrew’s father who is Philip’s father and prohibited him from returning to Greece. Philip and his family changed their residence to France, where his mother went to a clinic for assistance and his father lived separately from them. Philip had already been to several schools in different countries, while some of his relatives were on the opposite side of the war before he joined the Royal Navy during World War II.

Prince Philip Marriage

A notification was released in July 1947 about the upcoming wedding of Princess Elizabeth II and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten. At the end of November that same year they got married at Westminster Convent. They didn’t go anywhere on their wedding night until the next day, which was a special occasion because they visited several places such as Broadlands in Hampshire and Birkhaugh on the Balmoral estate.

Prince Philip Naval Career

Prince Philip was a different kind of teenager and he joined the Royal Naval force at the age of 17 the same way his granddad who was a great leader in the Naval force did. He became a cadet and then a midshipman on the great transport USS RAMILLIES. He toiled and got the titles of Sub-lieutenant and then First Lieutenant on the other ship, HMS WALLACE. Prince Philip was given the Officer rank in 1952. Nevertheless, their future kingship as a navy career had to be canceled because of the death of his father-in-law, King George VI.

Prince Philip Second War

When he was 17 years old, Prince Philip was a member of the HMS VALIANT crew, a ship that sails on the ocean and also took part in the battle. He was the one who was in charge of the spotlighting and so on to make the ship to the enemy ship in the black. He was good at what he did and could easily prove his skills and receive recognition for them. After, he was reassigned to another ship, HMS WHELP when the Japanese capitulation in Tokyo Bay was announced.

Prince Philip Death

On April 9, 2021, Prince Philip was 99 years old and Died. Due to COVID-19 limits, the funeral took place on April 17 at Windsor Castle St. George Chapel. Prince Andrew said interview with the BBC that the Queen was very saddened by the death of her old husband.


The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, had a great life, he was somebody who was always there for Queen Elizabeth II and helped her. He performed many great things for individuals, particularly the youth, and he achieved a part of it. In fact, indeed he is gone, but his memory and the things he did will be always remembered and will always be the motivation and help for others in the future.

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